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S020 LED Tube lamp

Supply voltage 230 VAC +-20%
Luminous flux: 3150 lm, 4200 lm, 8600 lm, 10400 lm
Consumption:  18 W, 23 W, 48 W, 60 W 
Luminary length: 635 mm, 935 mm, 1235 mm, 1535 mm
Light source: LED tubes T5, 175 lm/W
Minimal lifetime: 50 000 h
Ingress protection: IP67
Ambient temperature: -20 to +50°C
Width: 140 mm
Height: 31 mm

We provide volume discounts from 11 pcs, 101 pcs

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S020 LED 18W/R
Price without VAT   202.22 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics Mounting
S020 LED 18W/R gland on right side plastic clips
S020 LED 23W/R
Price without VAT   231.49 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics Mounting
S020 LED 23W/R gland on right side plastic clips
S020 LED 48W/R
Price without VAT   275.69 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics Mounting
S020 LED 48W/R gland on right side plastic clips

Specifications - S020 LED Tube lamp

Product description

These LED tube machine lights are especially suitable for even lighting larger areas. The S020 LED tube lamps follow the proven S020 series fluorescent tube lamps but are equipped with highly efficient LED tubes. Their consumption dropped to 1/3 at the same luminous flux, the lifespan was extended to 50,000 hours and the price remains the same. The tube lamps of the S020 LED series consist of an extruded aluminum profile with plastic fronts, in which two T5 LED tubes are located. The profile is sealed with a polyurethane seal that withstands all known lubricating and cutting fluids. The front of the tube lamp is covered with 4 mm thick tempered glass with exceptional breakage resistance. Both side faces of the LED tube machine lamp are equipped with threads for the M20x1.5 gland, so it is possible to choose the gland mounting on the left (L), on the right (R) or for the through-supply (LR) - see installation recommendations. The connection terminal is hidden under the gland.


LED Tube lamp  S020 LED Consumption (W) Luminous flux (lm) Length (mm)
 S020 LED 18W  18  3150  635
 S020 LED 23W  23  4200  935
 S020 LED 48 W  48  8600  1235
 S020 LED 60 W  60  10400  1535


One face of the LED tube lamp (or both faces in the case of the through power supply) is fitted with an M20x1.5 gland. The connection terminal is accessible after unscrewing the gland, sealed with an "O" ring. This makes connecting the tube machine lamp to the power supply very quick and easy and does not require the disassembly of the lamp's sealing elements.


The LED machine tube lamp is attached to the machine as standard with plastic clips inserted into the notch on the bottom of the lamp. The clamps have a hole with a diameter of 5.1 mm and after mounting on the lamp, the spacing of these holes is 142.5 mm. In the standard version, 4 pieces of these clips are included as part of the delivery. On request, the machine lamp can be equipped with two joint fixtures with the possibility of rotation in the +10 -60 degrees range.


1) Mount the machine light so that the cable gland is located at the lowest point.

2) The passage of the supply cable through the panel on which the machine light is mounted should be lower than the gland of the light.

3) If you use a cable with a metal braid, terminate the braid in front of the gland, apply a shrink tube over the end of the braid, and insert only the center of the cable with the shrink tube into the gland. The metal braid would spill water into the lamp despite the very well-tightened gland.



The aluminum profile allows excellent heat dissipation, thus preventing a reduction in life and efficiency

Low tube lamp height of only 31 mm

Connecting the tube lamp to the power supply without disassembling the lamp and breaking its tightness

Flat glass has about 20 times higher resistance to breakage compared to the glass tube

High specific power of the light source is 175 lumens/W

S020 LED tube lamp dimensions

Flood machine lights S020 LED Tube lamp