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Flood machine lights

LED flood lamps emit a light flux over a large part of their front surface and are suitable for lighting larger workspaces, usually with a lower required intensity. Because a relatively large area emits their light compared to spotlights, they are characterized by less glare. A space lit by a surface lamp shows smaller contrasts (the ratio between the least and most illuminated surface) and fewer shadows. All our surface machine lamps feature an aluminum body and tempered front glass. This construction brings a great advantage in good heat dissipation and exceptional resistance to breakage. The traditional design of surface lights for machine tools is based on a glass or plastic tube. Still, such a solution suffers from very poor heat dissipation (which drastically reduces efficiency and service life) and low impact resistance of the protective tube. More than 20 times more energy is required to break flat tempered glass than a tempered glass tube. If you're not sure which flood machine light from our range is best for you, try our luminaire configurator

Flood machine lights S020 LED Tube lamp

S020 LED Tube lamp

Price without VAT 216.16 EUR / pcs
We provide volume discounts from 11 pcs
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Flood machine lights BendLED IP69 machine light

BendLED IP69 machine light

Price without VAT 348.88 EUR / pcs
We provide volume discounts from 11 pcs
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