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Lighting design - experiences since 1984

We have many years of experience in the design and production of luminaires with high ingress protection. Thanks to this, we can advise and help you with all phases of production, from the first design and calculations to production preparation and series production. We design optical lighting systems, which we can then verify in our optical laboratory. We develop our own switching power supplies for LED lights and verify their EMC compatibility in our laboratory. We design plastic moldings including strength analysis, design and manufacture molds for pressing thermoplastics and then press them from these molds on our own injection machines. The icing on the cake is our skilled assembling team, who can handle even the most complex lighting fixtures.


Mold production

CNC obrabeni 2

CNC machining

EDM obrabeni

EDM machining

Vstrikovani plastu

Thermoplastic injection

Opticka laborator

Optical laboratory

EMC laborator

EMC laboratory

Montaz svitidel

Luminaires assembly

We provide

- Optical designs and calculations using the TracePro program
- Design and measurement of the illumination of the working space of the machines (we are equipped with an accurate Krochmann luxmeter), calculation of the illumination in SW Relux
- Measurement of photometric luminance curves in the laboratory with a goniophotometer
- EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) measurement
- Design of all types of lighting using unique experience with LED and operation in demanding environments, 3D modeling in SW SolidEdge
- We can design and manufacture thermoplastic injection molds in our tool shop and then manufacture these parts in our press shop
- Expert advice in the field of lighting and construction of luminaires with high coverage