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Key features of our luminaires

Vyrobeno v ČR, Praha - Koloděje

Made in CZ, Prague - Koloděje

Vysoká spolehlivost

High reliability

Prodej od 1 kusu

Sales from 1 piece

Vynikající měrný výkon

Excellent specific performance

Nízké provozní náklady

Low operating costs

Střední doba života 70 000hod.

Life expectancy 70 000 hrs

Dodáváme náhradní díly na všechna naše svítidla

We supply spare parts for all our luminaires

Provádíme servis svítidel

We service luminaires

Tradice od roku 1984

Tradition since 1984

Services – Illuminance measurement, measurement of light sources

Do you not know how to illuminate your machines and systems? We can help you - we offer lighting design and measurement of the illuminance of the working area of the machines; we are equipped with an accurate Krochmann Luxmeter and a Goniophotometer for the measurement of photometric luminance curves

Are you not sure if the chosen luminaire really meets the given parameters? Thanks to the experience we have gained in the industry since 1984, we can provide expert judgment in lighting and luminaire construction.

Can't you find a luminaire on the market that meets your requirements? We advise you on the optical solution of the lamps and the power supply electronics, prepare materials and tools for production, and, if necessary, produce the lamps designed for you. Check out our Mould Making, CNC Machining, and Plastic Injection Moulding Options.

We can design lighting fixtures tailored to the requirements and needs of our customers, not only for machine lighting but practically for every kind of lighting fixture, from the illumination of the railway carriage to representative lighting fixtures in the seat of the Constitutional Court in Brno.

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Strojní lampa BendLED detail přívodu-depositphotos-bgremover

BendLED machine light is even better

InLED s kloubem-H

New sealing material for DeskLED, InLED and NewRefLED luminaires IP69

NewRefLED s kloubem-H

New power electronics in the NewRefLED luminaire

DSC 0232

New production factory building

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Machine lights - machine lights

Machine lights (machine lamps) for industrial lighting of machine tools are a specific type of lamp. For a reliable function in the demanding environment of the working space of the machine tool, the machine lights must be resistant to mechanical damage, it must reliably seal up to IP69 degree of protection, and the machine lamp seal must long-term withstand a number of chemicals that are part of cooling and lubricating emulsions. In addition, the machine light must work with a safe voltage supply of 12 and 24V, both direct and alternating current, and cope with fluctuations in the supply voltage and disturbing peaks or dips.

Today, almost exclusively, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used as light sources for machine lights, which excel in low consumption, high specific power, and, above all, do not burden the illuminated piece with thermal radiation. Our lighting machines only use Cree LEDs, representing the best available light source. Powering an LED requires an electronic power supply that must work reliably, even at higher temperatures, in a wide range of supply voltages. It must have minimum dimensions to be integrated into the light fixture. We develop and test these sources in our own laboratory, emphasizing maximum reliability and long life.

We have been developing and manufacturing machine lights for more than 30 years, and thanks to this, we have accumulated a number of unique experiences that we make available to you.

About the company and our production

Osvetleni Cernoch has been dealing with lighting since 1984 and today is one of the leading European manufacturers of lamps with high ingress protection intended for machine tools. However, we can design and manufacture practically any light fixture; we have completed a number of projects for leading Czech designers and architects.

Our strengths are:

- Development and production of lighting for industrial environments (machining, forming, and other machines)
- Many years of experience in the development and production of LED lighting for interiors and exteriors of buildings
- Unique possibilities to specify everything from design to prototype to serial production
- Own production of injection molds, pressing of thermoplastics, and CNC machining
- Laboratory for measuring photometric curves of luminosity

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