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Key features of our luminaires

Vyrobeno v ČR, Praha - Koloděje

Made in CZ, Prague - Koloděje

Vysoká spolehlivost

High reliability

Prodej od 1 kusu

Sales from 1 piece

Vynikající měrný výkon

Excellent specific performance

Nízké provozní náklady

Low operating costs

Střední doba života 70 000hod.

Life expectancy 70 000 hrs

Dodáváme náhradní díly na všechna naše svítidla

We supply spare parts for all our luminaires

Provádíme servis svítidel

We service luminaires

Tradice od roku 1984

Tradition since 1984


We provide design and measurement of the illuminance of the working area of machines, we are equipped with a Krochmann precision luxmeter and a goniophotometer for measuring luminance curves

With 36 years of experience in the industry, we are able to provide expert advice on lighting and high protection luminaire design

We can design luminaires tailored to the requirements and needs of our customers.

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InLED s kloubem-H

New sealing material for DeskLED, InLED and NewRefLED luminaires IP69

NewRefLED s kloubem-H

New power electronics in the NewRefLED luminaire

DSC 0232

New production factory building

DSC 0306

Novelty! Innovation of the S020 luminaire on LED technology.

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About the company and our production

The company Osvětlení Černoch has been dealing with lighting since 1984 and today is one of the leading European manufacturers of high-coverage luminaires designed for machine tools. But we can design and manufacture virtually any luminaire, we have a number of realizations for leading Czech designers and architects.

Our strengths are:

  • Development and production of lighting for industrial environments (machine tools, forming, and other machines)
  • Many years of experience in the development and production of LED lighting for interiors and exteriors of buildings
  • Unique options to enter everything from design through prototype to series production
  • Own production of injection molds, thermoplastic molding, and CNC machining
  • Laboratory for measuring photometric luminosity curves
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