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BendLED machine light is even better

The BendLED lamp is our "flagship" with IP69 protection and construction that withstands the toughest working conditions for a long time, for example, in the working area of heavy TOSHULIN carousel lathes. One of the critical details of high-coverage luminaires is the power supply, which must ensure perfect and long-term tightness. In addition, the power supply in the machine tool area must withstand sharp and hot chips, which requires metal braided or shielded cables. Based on long-term tests, this year, we started using stainless steel bellows with special terminals to protect the power supply for the BendLED machine lamp. This change is due to increased sealing reliability and significantly better mechanical resistance than a steel-wrapped cable. And we have even better news - the price remains the same.

The second option to solve the safe connection to the BendLED lamp is to order this lamp with an outlet on the back wall, where a groove for the "O" ring is also prepared. You can then mount the lamp directly on the wall of the workspace, and the supply will be led outside the workspace, where much smaller demands are placed on it.

And as a novelty, we are preparing a variant of the BendLED lamp adapted for mounting from the other side of the panel so that there will only be a sealed window on the wall of the machining area.

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