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New sealing material for DeskLED, InLED and NewRefLED luminaires IP69

We consider monitoring customer feedback to be one of the important keys to success. Based on this, we are constantly improving our luminaires to meet the latest state of the art. At the beginning of 2021, we began to install our luminaires with seals made of new materials. These materials provide higher resistance to the aggressive components of modern cutting fluids and guarantee higher shape stability, thus, better sealing of the luminaires. Thus, we can guarantee the degree of protection IP69 for InLED and RefLED luminaires without a switch, which corresponds to spraying with pressurized water 100 bar from a distance of 1 m; we test our luminaires with the same pressure from a distance of 10 cm. Modern machines with high-pressure cooling need high-coverage luminaires, and with our products, you can now be sure that they will withstand even the most demanding conditions.

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