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NewRefLED machine light with joint arm

Supply voltage 12 to 48V DC, 12 to 35 V AC
Consumption 22 W
Light source Cree CMT1922 Ra=80
Luminous flux 3500 lm
Minimal lifetime 80 000 h
Ingress protection IP69 (s vypínačem IP67)
Ambient temperature -20 to +50°C
Luminary body diameter 97 mm
Luminary body length 100 mm
Stand height 46 mm
Standard arm length 400 mm
Chromacity temperature 5000K


We provide volume discounts from 11 pcs, 101 pcs

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Price without VAT   238.31 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics
NewRefLED/KX1/40D Outlet through the side gland
Price without VAT   236.49 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics
NewRefLED/KX0/40D Outlet through the bottom
Price without VAT   244.72 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics
NewRefLED/RV7/KX1/40D Outlet through the side gland, switch

Specifications - NewRefLED machine light with joint arm

Product description

Industrial lighting of machines is important both from the point of view of production quality and from the point of view of work safety and requires the use of specialized machine lights. These machine lights are characterized by a high degree of ingress protection, a robust construction, and the ability to work with a safe voltage of 12 or 24V. The LED machine light NewRefLED 24V is suitable for local lighting of larger objects and we recommend it as a replacement for older halogen lights with an input of 150W. The NewRefLED machine light is excellent for lighting large machine tools such as gantry machining centers, large horizontal boring machines, and carousels, but also for larger presses and a number of other machines. This LED machine light is extremely suitable for the working area of machines equipped with high-pressure cooling or cooling through the center of the spindle. The body of the machine light is made of an extruded aluminum profile and is fitted with one COB (Chip on Board) and completed with an aspherical glass lens with a 40° radiation angle. The machine light in the version without a switch has ingress protection IP69 (jetting water 100 bar).  If the lamp is equipped with a rocker switch on the head, the total degree of ingress protection is IP67. Thanks to its robust design and wide range of supply voltages, this lamp is also suitable as a work light for tractors and other road and agricultural machines.

Inside the machine light is a switched-mode power supply that supplies the LED with a constant current in the supply voltage range of 12 to 48 V DC or 12-35 V DC. If you do not have a low-voltage power supply on your machine, you can find suitable power supplies in the Accessories and spare parts section.

The NewRefLED/KX LED machine light is attached by a two-part articulated arm with a high braking force, which has a total of 5 degrees of freedom, allowing the lamp to be optimally directed. The arm is seated on a metal stand with four holes for mounting screws. The cable outlet from the stand is either from the bottom or through the outlet on its side. The fastening can be supplemented with a switchable magnetic holder or a clamp on the board for an additional fee.



Machine light lifetime of at least 80,000 hours, no more changing bulbs!

Minimal heating of the illuminated object

Replacement halogen machine light 150W

The high degree of ingress protection IP69 (jetting water 100 bar)

Good color rendering

Shock and vibration resistant

Robust articulated arm with large projection and high braking power

Consumption only 22W, payback compared to a 150W halogen light approx. 1 month (lights 16 hours a day)

NewRefLED machine light - stand - floor plan

Spot machine lights 24V NewRefLED machine light with joint arm