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InLED 24V machine light with joint arm

Supply voltage DC 10 to 48 V, AC 12 to 35 V
Consumption 9 W
Light source LED Cree XHP-50 Ra=80
Luminous flux 1500 lm
Minimal lifetime 80 000 h
Ingress protection IP69 (with switch IP67)
Ambient temperature -20 to +50°C
Luminary body diameter 70 mm
Luminary body length 70 mm
Stand height 46 mm
Standard arm length 400 mm
Chromacity temperature 5000K (different on request)

We provide volume discounts from 11 pcs, 101 pcs

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Price without VAT   167.16 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics Beam angle
InLED/RV7/KX1/40D Outlet through the side gland, switch 40°
Price without VAT   165.22 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics Beam angle
InLED/RV7/KX0/40D Outlet through the bottom, switch 40°
Price without VAT   167.16 EUR
Ordering code Characteristics Beam angle
InLED/RV7/KX1/16D Outlet through the side gland, switch 16°

Specifications - InLED 24V machine light with joint arm

Product description

In the realm of efficient machine lighting, the utilization of specialized machine lights stands as an essential cornerstone. Their role extends beyond illumination, encompassing critical aspects such as production quality and occupational safety. These exceptional lights boast a remarkable array of features, including robust construction, a high level of ingress protection, and the capacity to operate safely with either 12 or 24 volts.

Among the notable options in this category, the InLED 24V LED machine light shines as a prime recommendation. Specifically designed to replace outdated halogen counterparts with power inputs ranging from 50 to 75 watts, this remarkable innovation is particularly well-suited for localized illumination of smaller objects. Its efficacy has been demonstrated across various applications, particularly for lighting compact machinery such as conventional or NC drills, milling machines, lathes, presses, and other industrial apparatus.

The machine lamp's structure revolves around an extruded aluminum profile that seamlessly incorporates a single LED chip. Its design is culminated with an aspherical glass lens, cementing its reliability and functionality. An inherent attribute of the machine light lies in its impeccable sealing, ensuring an impressive ingress protection rating of IP69 (capable of withstanding jetting water at 100 bar) in its version sans the switch. The total ingress protection level remains formidable at IP67 when equipped with a head-mounted rocker switch.

A distinguishing feature of the InLED machine light is the availability of lenses featuring apex angles of 16°, 40°, and 120°, providing adaptability to various illumination requirements. Integral to its internal configuration is a switched-mode power supply mechanism, assuring a consistent current supply to the LED. This mechanism seamlessly accommodates a broad voltage range from 10 to 48 volts DC or 12-35 volts AC. In scenarios where a low-voltage power supply is lacking within the machine infrastructure, suitable power supply solutions can conveniently be located within the dedicated Accessories and Spare Parts section.


The InLED/KX LED machine light is attached to the machine by a metal joint arm, terminated by a metal stand with four holes for fastening screws. The cable outlet from the stand is either from the bottom or through the outlet on its side. The fixture can be completed with a switchable magnetic holder or a clamp on the board for an additional fee.

We do not recommend using this machine light without another protection close to working welders and lasers, as their intense UV radiation can degrade the LED chip. 




Machine light lifetime of at least 80,000 hours, no more bulb changes!

Replacement for 50W halogen machine light

Minimum thermal effect on the illuminated object

Joint arm positioning in five axes

Small luminaire dimensions, it can be placed close to the illuminated object 

Good color rendering

Payback time 2 months (lighting 16h per day)

Stand - pattern

Spot machine lights 24V InLED 24V machine light with joint arm